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The main strategic problem currently facing NLK is access to continued sources of funding. Going forward, everyone (Executive Board, Members and employees) will direct time and commitment towards a successful and diversified resource mobilization plan to guarantee NLK's long term future. Inspirational leadership and dffective communication will ensure that all members and employees will be able to contribute to the successful achievement of the strategic goals. NLK is transforming how it conducts it's operations through adopting best practices from internal and national organizations and improving it's monitoring and evaluation processes so that it can measure it's success in improving HIV/AIDS affected and infected lives.




Thanks to AWDF, recently, NLK got in place its Resource Mobilization Strategic Plan (2014-2016). The Resource Mobilization Strategic Plan (RMSP) seeks to inform and guide NLK's efforts towards sustainable financing of its programs and operations. It reviews past funding patterns, providing guiding principles, and proposes strategies for mobilization of resources to support the execution of the Strategic Plan and ultimately fulfilling their mission and vision.




The RMSP will assist NLK to garner adequate resources that are more diverse to meet the needs of the organization and its beneficiaries, considering that it will be able to mobilize such resources from more diversified sources thus, enabling it to implement its core program areas and deliver on its mandate.




The objective of the Resource mobilization strategy are mainly to diversify the resource bases of NLK and enhance its ability to gather adequate resources required for executing projects that are going to be undertaken in order to meet its strategic objectives indicated in a newly developed five-year strategic plan and in the meantime ensure its long term sustainability. Besides, giving the effort a strategic focus and make resources predictable to involve in a long term projects is becoming necessary. More so, the plan is believed necessary to deepen and strengthen the relationship already established with the existing donors by having a clear plan, which demonstrate the area of collaboration and anticipated donation.




Therefore, NLK is planning to cover at least 30% cost from resources mobilized other than the existing donors to cover the annual cost of its program of HIV/AIDS control, care and support for the target HIV/AIDS affected women, grandmothers, OVC and other vulnerable groups along with meeting the following specific objectives:

  • Increase the number of regular as well as associate members and the fees collected from them;
  • Increase the number of donors with which NLK is working:
  • Increase the number of prominent individuals and corporation which work with NLK as partners:
  • Increase the number of volunteers working with NLK;
  • Increase the number of income generating centers as well as activities;
  • Increase the donations in-kind in terms of value

The NLK executive Board, members and employees request your kind contribution/donation in any forms support you may think worth to help us achieve our goal of changing the tide of HIV/AIDS among women, grandmothers, children and other vulnerable groups of grass root communities of Ethiopia.


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Negeme lela ken new HIV Positive Women Support Organization (NLK)

Piassa Medehanealem, Shegolle Road; Mihret Clinic 2nd Floor

P. O. Box 59611, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Office Phone: +251 112 592476

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