Prevention Through Community Mobilization

NLK adopted and has been employing intensive Behavior Change Communicating (BCC) and community mobilization approaches tailor made to the target beneficiaries who are high risk group of HIV/AIDS particularly the youth. The adopted BCC interventions serve the very aim of the project that is to promote and bring about healthy sexual behavior, norms and practices among the targeted Most at Risk Population (MARP) of the project. Such interventions provide greatest opportunity for the targets of the project to assess skills based sustainable knowledge that lead to change in behavior and practice. 


Peer to peer education, educational entertainment programs, production and distribution of BCC materials, peer to peer counseling, life experience sharing among HIV positive elders and youth, coffee ceremony as a means of prevention intervention. Variety of community groups such as HIV positive and vulnerable women, commercial sex workers, youth school community, religious leaders, community leaders are addressed by discussion sessions. It was reported from the facilitators of the discussion and education sessions that 36,000 participants attained the organized sessions (of which women comprise of 48%.)