Home and Community Based Support

Stigma and discrimination are key barriers to accessing care and support. NGOs can be powerful agents of change in reducing stigma and discrimination through the provision of community care and support, ensuring the including of PLHA and promoting a non-discriminatory environment. It is recognized that within a discriminatory environment, people living with HIV are unlikely to thrive and their families face almost insurmountable obstacles in trying to support them. Income generating activitiels help to provide economic support for PLHA and form an essential component of the comprehensive care and support continuum.


In order to undertake income generating activities successfully, HIV/AIDS is acknowledged to have a disproportionate impact on the poorest and most vulnerable members of society. However, even for people with incomes and high social status, a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS can lead to serious consequences such as loss of employment of the family, or high levels of expenditure on treatment. Adequate income is essential for people with HIV to be able to maintain their health, self-esteem and overall quality of life.