Advocacy, Networking and Collaboration

Name of collaboration donors - World Learning / USAID

Description of Assistance - Financial assistance for most at risk population targeted prevention, care and support project and institutional capacity building.


NLK interact with health facilities and local government authorities through organizing effectively implemented advice sessions. More than ten advocacy sessions were conducted in the form of work shop so far. The ultimate objective of conducting advocacy workshop was to obtain the attention of advocacy targeted institutions attention and accountability towards the dual vulnerability of women for HIV/AIDS and VAW as well as networking. The attendants of workshops form local administration (Kebeles and sub cities) including invited representatives of executives, women affairs bureau, HIV/AIDS desk, women affairs bureau, police treatment, judiciary bodies, health facilities (hospitals, health centers, clinics) and legal service departments. 


The organization currently has membership and affiliation for the following networks, consortium and networks. 


Networks of Network of HIV Positive Associations (NEP+) (Board member in representation HIV positive women Ethiopia)

National Network of Positive Women Ethiopia (NNAPWE)

Addis Ababa (Addis) Network of HIV Positive Associations

Oromiya Network of HIV Positives Associations

HIV/AIDS forum of Christian Relief and Development Association (CRDA)

International Council on Management of Population Programs

Consortium of 10 grass root organizations working on Reproduction health, youth and women programs