Children Litracy and Library Service

The NLK Blue Lupin Community Library is located in Sululta, a semi-urban rural community in a suburb of Addis Ababa. The absence of a library for children and adults of all ages is a serious issue in the community. The children have never had the opportunity to benefit from early exposure to library services and other programmes that stimulate reading.


From 2014 to 2016, the Project designed and constructed a community library. As the first community library serving Sululta residents, this Project will be transform the lives of children by providing essential access to education, information, books and services that were otherwise not available to children in the community. The library will continue to make an enormous contribution to formal education and community access to information. The library will serve as an information gateway, supporting hundreds of preschool children, youth and community members to understand their environment better, to acquire new skills and to make more informed decisions about their lives.


The library will be governed by an independent Executive Board. The Project will recruit and train the Executive Board and the staff to run the library. The Project will also support the coordinated effort among Board members, staff and stakeholders to provide professional library services that meet unique community priorities and needs.

 Furthermore, the Project will work strategically to develop the library to meet the standards of the information age. The community will be able to access essential electronic resources through automated networks that provide: basic interlibrary loans, electronic catalogues of other public libraries across the country; electronic databases and digital libraries of periodical and journal articles, and of course general Internet access. 




v   Library and reading service

v  Community literacy program

v  Children’s  literacy program

v   Access to electronic resources

v  Access to internet based resources.

v  Vocational and skill training

v  Community development projects

v  Cafeteria 


v   Outdoor plays



v  Mana kitaba fi dubisu

v   Barnoota Hawasa

v  Barnoota Da’imani

v  Tajaajila Internetii

v  Tajaajila kafteriya

v  Porjekitoota misooma

v  Leenji Dandetii fi Ogumaa 

v  DS TV

v  Xaboota ulann ala


The NLK Blue Lupin Community Library’s Code of Conduct



The NLK Blue Lupin Community Library strive to provide free and equitable access to services that meet the changing needs of the communities.


The Library preserve and promotes universal access to the broad range of human knowledge, experiences formation and ideas in welcoming and supporting environments that is free from discrimination and harassments. 


Everyone has right to equal treatment with respect to   access and use of the Library services and facilitate without discrimination or harassment on basis of gender, religion and ethnicity.


Discrimination and harassment will not be allowed under any circumstances. These rules are intended to prevent such conduct to ensure dignity, safety of the public and the staff to maintain the security of the library property with disruption to the Library services. 


Any behavior that does not support welcoming environment and/or violates the code of conduct may result in cost recovery charges suspension of the Library privileges exclusion from the Library based country or the organization’s governing constitution.  The rule and code of conduct have been approved by the executive NLK’s Board of Directors.


The Library asks for your cooperation in maintaining welcoming and conducive to study and enjoyable   use of the Library services and staff every effort to apply these rules in a fair, dignified, and positive manner for the benefit all.

1.      Violent, treating, abusive and discriminatory, harassing language and conduct of any kind is not allowed.

2.      Disruptive and intrusive behavior is not allowed.

3.      Damage, misuse, or theft of the Library materials, equipment and property is not allowed.

4.      Interfering with designated use computers and networks is also not allowed.

5.      Members of the community may not make requests for services based on prohibited ground of discrimination under the human right code.

6.      Children requiring supervision must not be left unattended on the Library premises.

7.      Members of the community may only use authorized entrances and exit and are not allowed in “staff “only areas without permission.

8.      Members of the Library must open all bags, books, and papers for inspection if requested by the staff.

9.      The Library materials may not be taken to washrooms

10.  Posting notices, disturbing circular or petitions, soliciting, engaging in any commercial activities on library property must not be conducted without prior written approval of the Library.

11.  Members of the Library wear shirt and shoes and other appropriate attire. Use of support equipment is not allowed on the Library property

12.    Eating and drinking  in Library is not allowed except in the dignified areas