Negem Lela Ken New HIV Positive women Support Organization (NLK) is nonprofit and Non-governmental Ethiopian Residents Charity organization based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia since 2005. NLK works to contribute to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through economic empowerment of vulnerable, women living with AIDS and their families. Negem Lela Ken New (NLK) means Tomorrow is another Day.


Legal Status and Governance

NLK gained NGO status with legal registration by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia charities and Societies Agency in 2006 with membership of 70 infected women. As September of 2013, the organization's membership is in excess of 1200 members, associate members and 2200 volunteers of which women account for 90%.

NLK has a general assembly which has supreme power over all corporate matters and has 19 members with wide ranging experiences; and has a clearly articulated constitution which governs all of it's activities.

Among others, presence of legal status/registration, regularity of board meetings, leadership capacity of board of directors, gender balances of the board of directors, regularity of supervision of activities, existence of strategic plan, implementation effectiveness of strategic plan; zero tolerance against corruption makes smooth ground to implement its programmatic strategic objective effectively

Human Resources (HR)


NLK has personnel policy manual, incentive packages for staffs and gender mainstreaming policy and development plan and well function incentive system based on the performance of evaluation their respective staffs.Currently, NLK has equipped with qualified and well experienced 19 employees. Luckily, the NLK staffs are reliable and most dedicated to the shared vision of NLK who are outstanding performers independently and as Team. That is why we call them always The NLK Team!


Technical Systems and Procedures

NLK values involving the stakeholders in the planning and subsequent project /programme practices; Planning is participatory and involves different stakeholder. Consultation of beneficiaries and sector offices is commonly practiced during the strategy design, planning and implementation. Moreover, NLK has the required systems and procedures with respect to planning and management, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), Resource mobilization and Management Information system (MIS). The financial management and procurement systems of the NLK are found to be in good condition as well.

Operational Areas


NLK operates through a National Secretariat in Addis Ababa and has three regional offices located in Ambo Town of Oromiya Regional National State, ShewaRobit and Ataye towns in Amhara Regional National State. NLK's activities in Addis Ababa are focused in Gulele and Addis Ketema Sub Cities. In addition, NLK has three IGA training centers for training all beneficiaries.


NLK's Vision

NLK's vision is to see citizens free from HIV/AIDS and a country where the tragic threat of AIDS is controlled.

NLK's Mission


NLK's mission is to intervene in endeavors to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through the economic empowerment of low income women living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable women's groups.


Target Group

HIV/AIDS affected and infected poor women, Grandmothers and Orphan and Vulnerable Children and other vulnerable groups.


Thematic Areas


  • Economic Empowerment.
  • HIV/AIDS Consulting and Testing
  • Antiretroviral treatment (ART) Adherence Literacy
  • Awareness raising programs
  • Participation in regional, national and international networks
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Capacity Building


  • Leadership
  • Results Oriented
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Non discrimination
  • Integrity
  • Equity and Justice